To the working woman who struggles to find balance in her life and in her health.

Carefully Designed By Lindsey Hilliard and Kelly Hamilton, This 8-Week Program Takes You To the Next Level In Your Physical, Mental and Emotional Health Without Compromising Time. 

A journey from within, to love your body, nourish your body and move your body in a way that feels so good to you. 

This is…

Bloom From Within

Are you finally ready to feel better in your own skin and lead a fun, fulfilling life without the constant negative chatter inside your head?

Congratulations! That’s the first step. But do you know what to do next?


Do you know…

  • … what you should eat? 
  • … how to stop your inner critic for shaming you? 
  • … how to fit in exercise into your already hectic schedule? 


Or perhaps you already know what you should be doing, but can’t seem to take the right action…

  • … life Balance. Life is just so damn busy with work and kids and relationships. How on earth can you even consider spending any time on yourself?
  • … burning out and losing it. You’re spread too thin with so many items on your TO DO list to keep up with, you barely have time to rest, much less give yourself the devoted attention and focus you deserve. 
  • … in doubt and losing joy. Worst of all, you are beginning to judge yourself.  


Don’t be scared. You’re not alone!

There are many women just like you who face the same struggles. And it has nothing to do with “not having what it takes” or “not being good enough”. It’s simply because most resources out there don’t cater specifically to working women and don’t understand the dynamics of a balanced life.

In a world obsessed with body image, women are not taught how to love their bodies for the magnificent vessels they are!

Here’s the thing:

Feeling good about yourself starts in your head.

Transformational change is a personalised experience, which you can’t (and should not) compare to others.

That’s why real change doesn’t thrive on conventional diet and fitness regimens.

And that’s also why trying to “follow a cookie cutter program” will NOT attract the kind of positive body image you yearn for.

Which is why now, the most important mind shift you need to make is going from, “What else can help me?” to “How can I help me?”

So how do you find this kind of wellbeing approach for yourself?

To Live Life Fully, You Need To Bloom From Within!

“If you really, really love yourself, you don’t give a crap of what other people think.” ~ Amy Jo Goddard

Key Transformations You'll Make with Bloom From Within

Loving Your Body

  • No more forcing yourself through fad diets, counting calories, yo-yo dieting, or restrictive eating that makes you feel unhappy
  • You’ll LOVE nourishing your body, and enjoy everything that you eat! (And yes, this does still mean you can enjoy chocolate!)
  • You’ll enjoy staying fit and every moment of exercise because it makes you feel vital and healthy
  • You’ll LOVE every inch of your body and radiate with vitality, health and beauty.

Loving You

  • No more struggling with self-doubt or the acceptance that you should just settle for less
  • No more beating yourself up for being ‘not smart enough’, ‘not pretty enough’, ‘not skinny enough’, ‘not good enough’ and so on
  • You’ll LOVE your new found confidence, authenticity and inner strength to live your inner truth and radiate with happiness
  • You’ll LOVE feeling worthy of everything you have and dream of having!

What Do You Get?

Here’s an overview of exactly what you’ll learn in each week when you join us for Bloom From Within:

We start Monday 17 September 2018!


  • Finding Balance
  • Blooms of Life Session
  • Rethink Health
  • Primary Foods
  • Inner Garden 

Week 1:

  • What is wellbeing? 
  • Wellbeing in Daily Life 
  • 10 tips for cultivating wellbeing 
  • Meditation 
  • Inner Jerk 
  • Nutritional Habit 1

Week 2:

  • Daily Care
  • Saying No – Setting Boundaries
  • Kitchen Clean Out
  • Crowding Out
  • Breath
  • Nutritional Habit 2

Week 3:

  • Food Labels
  • 4 Principles of a Nourishing Diet
  • Caffeine
  • Nourish Your Body
  • Sample Meal Plan
  • Nutritional Habit 3

Week 4:

  • Time Management
  • Move Your Body
  • Access to Workout Plan
  • Meal Planning
  • Nutritional Habit 4

Week 5:

  • Happiness
  • Energise
  • Workouts 1
  • Nutritional Habit 5

Week 6:

  • Body Gratitude
  • Healing Within
  • Workouts 2
  • Nutritional Habit 6

Week 7:

  • Herbal Tea
  • Goals & Action Steps
  • Workouts 3
  • Nutritional Habit 7

Week 8:

  • Bloom
  • Workouts 4
  • Nutritional Habit 8
  • Review


  • Recipes
  • Audio Meditations
  • Audio Visualisations
  • Workout Videos
  • Private Member Community

The Value of the Program

What is the investment needed to Bloom From Within?

Option 1 - Single Payment

Get a discounted rate for paying in one single payment straight up! 

One easy payment of $129


Option 2 - Payment Plan

Flexible Payment Option to get access to the program risk-free.

($49 billed fortnightly for 3 instalments for a total of $147)


For your security, all payments are processed through PayPal.